The River

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I was with a good friend today who has traveled and lived in India for 6 years. He was telling me of the time he spent on the sacred mountain of Kailas(h) in Tibet.

There is a river there called the Indus and it is one of the longest in Asia. He said he could jump from one bank to the other at its origin. It was narrow and very shallow, yet this river grows 3,200 km long and its basin is 1,165000 km2. It passes through India, Pakistan and China and discharges into the Arabian sea.
Rivers are usually formed and fed from melting glaciers on top of mountains, by springs, rainwater and, by under water streams. The water flows downhill as a trickle, then swells into a stream, joins with other side streams called tributaries, getting wider and stronger until becoming a river.
As the water flows it collects rocks, stones and other material- this is called its load. The rivers load etches, winds and widens the landscape eating through- even solid rock. Its speed and flow increase. Eventually it finds its way to the sea, mixing with its salty water.
Why am i blogging about a river? Well when my friend told me about his experience with the Indus, a clear vision came to me. Life is like a river in many ways. How our thoughts become our reality, how we journey through the flow or lack of flow of life. How something so small can turn into something so big and powerful.
When we “wish” for something to happen it’s like the starting trickle of the river. Not much power to it. (like a helpless desire) Desire, is a stronger wish much like the stream. As our desires become stonger and turns into intentions, they become like the tributaries joining and gaining strength. As the force becomes even stronger those intentions turn into determinations. Just like the load of the river that carves into solid rock, the determinations inevitably turn into an unstoppable volition!
Have you ever made a paper boat or floated leaves down a river when you were a child? Were you fascinated at how the quickly it took to the current and moved freely in the water? There was no resistance as it flowed along effortlessly. At times it would catch something and slow down, sometimes even stop, but just for a moment.
 What if we lived life like that? Allowing the flow of life to take us down the river, without resisting, and without damning. Or are we paddling against the flow due to fear and loss of control, afraid that others will have their way with us? You can’t stop the current. Place a large stone in its way… the water will move around it. Are you like the beaver that builds dams that stop the flow (stagnates) or the leaf that rides effortlessly?
There is a great ride at most theme parks where you sit in a rubber tube and just allow yourself to float along. It’s a favorite for many of you and I’m sure you have heard of it. The Lazy River?Yes?
Am I suggesting you drift through life without a care and without any goals? Well yes and no. You see we are conditioned to think we need to struggle and to suffer to achieve anything worthwhile in life. This is true until you realize you don’t need to suffer or resist anymore.
Have I lost you? I agree that nothing happens without setting forth intentions and effort, things just don’t get done without work. Have you thought perhaps to put in a strong effort yet doing so without the resisting part? Without going against the flow and rhythm?
Be like the river, flow, allow and be… Who knows what will (pay) you a visit on your (banks,) how strong is your current? (currency)
Set forth your goals and ride into the sea!
Just like the river…. Strong, powerful… gentle and free.
Thank you
Frank Dee
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