Letting Go

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The world is changing and we are changing. The old ways of doing stuff isn’t working anymore. Look at our governments, our workforce, the financial sector, our society. Something is off and it can be felt. Do you agree?

In India they catch monkeys by making a hole in a box just big enough for it to put its hand through. Inside the box there are nuts placed within the monkeys reach. When it senses the bait it puts it’s hand through the opening and grabs the nuts (making a fist.) However it’s hand is full (with nuts) and too big to slide back out through the hole. You would that think the primate would figure out that it only had to let go to free itself. Simple right? What are we holding on to in our lives that trap us?

I can think of many things that I have (still) held on to just like the monkey has. Nothing lasts forever so you either stop investing or accept whatever  is.

There is a saying that in order to make room for change one must ’empty’ their pitcher of water in order to be able to receive new and fresh water. Perhaps a purge of your old stuff, old thoughts and ways of doing things? Yes? How exciting does a rebranding of who you really are sound?

Deep within we know we need to change when things become stagnant unfulfilling and painful. The fun is gone, the motivation and ultimately the passion. If we don’t change, life will eventually force it on us- and that is usually the most painful, as we don’t want to let go.

“Sometimes we are forced into directions we aught to have found ourselves” Lionel Bloch, character in Maid in Manhattan.

As our world changes, and is changing at such a rapid rate, how are you managing it? As old systems are being displaced and altered how are you navigating through it all? We can be in fear and hold on to what was, or we can Trust and let go.

Stay true and authentic to who you are always.


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Stephen Hawking


Thank you


Frank Dee

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