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If you are judging others harshly, how then are you judging yourself?

Have you ever considered that maybe ‘You’ are your own judge and jury, and that it may not be something outside of yourself?

Is there a difference between judgment and discernment?

In nature there is an order, a flow, an agreement- where all share (co-operate) in the circle of life. There are alphas and there are betas, yet there is harmony and purpose; there is no competition.

We ‘humans’ on the other hand- live life like it’s one big Olympics. Who is the wealthiest, smartest and strongest (etc.) There is a time and place for competition and it’s essential for our growth…….. However it should primarily be within, and for ourselves.

The Ego’s tendency is to separate itself from the oneness of all that we are and all that is. In nature, its about being authentic, all pieces of the puzzle fit and flow beautifully together. Imagine if a wolf had an inferiority complex?

Your intent is all that at matters and that you honor your true nature, this is not a weakness, but a strength. Is your intent to hurt another for your gain, or to help in order for growth?

Judgment reflects what we need to learn and what is still yet to be faced… discernment acknowledges what we’ve overcome and already understand, without the need to judge. From this perceptive you can consciously make the right choice, instead of reacting unconsciously.

We seek the best course of action not only for us but for all involved. We don’t label anything, we align with what resonates, not separates.

There will be many of you that will judge me about this blog. On how I wrote it and why, if my spelling is correct, or if I’m trying too hard etc. I am well aware of this… And I am fully ok with it.

I am offering you my perspective on what I’ve gone through in my life. I’m sharing the experiences that have taught me and shaped me. It’s only a view point, and it is definitely not gospel. You will either agree with it or you won’t, it’s that simple. However, if it rubs you the wrong way or if it hits a nerve, why then would I be the target of an attack? How will throwing a rock at the mirror heal a wound that needs tending to?

We can never really know why someone acts the way they do, especially if it’s not what we ourselves would do.
Why do we judge then? Is our way better? Are we trying to help or are we trying to establish superiority? Or does it stem from our desire to be in control…. Of what?

If we’ve invested in an identity (safety) that is threatened simply by another’s opinion, we will defend, attack and judge it.  Why should it matter though? Perhaps deep down we know it’s not anchored as a core belief, so we must defend it before it’s exposed. Thus needing to finally face the truth we’ve been hiding from.

Unless you walk In another’s path, you cannot pass judgment. They may have made better choices than you would have in their position. Have you heard of that old saying that when you point your finger at someone, you have three pointing back at you?

We all have our own lessons to learn, and different paths to walk, so judging would be like comparing butterflies to cows. Sounds absurd doesn’t it?

It’s not popular to speak your truth, or to support  a viewpoint many see as different and not within the accepted norm.

Judging can be a way to ‘fit in the crowd’ and by becoming  homogenized- you can blend in and avoid being judged. By who?

Judas Iscariot later realized his shame and eventually and ultimately prosecuted himself.

Following the crowd can be dangerous. Hitler buddied up with neighboring countries to conquer other surrounding countries….Then attacked the very allies it friended.  Like the ego- it’s very nature is to separate… So why do business with other egos?

Granted- it is a challenge running against the herd of sheep knowing that they are all heading for the cliff.

As we gossip and judge others have you ever thought that perhaps someone is doing the same to you?  What you hate in another it’s what you hate  within. And what you admire in another is what you admire within, and/or aspire to become.

Once you define something there is a separation and division. Once we call something beautiful, then other things are instantly compared to it, and my not be as ” beautiful”

Our freedom of choice is restricted when we judge. Liberate yourself and refrain form the blame game. Start listening to what resonates to you from deep within… This doesn’t mean listening to the obsessive chatter of the mind or the fear of being wrong.

Allow everyone to express themselves fully with their thoughts, creativity and  expression. It doesn’t matter if its right or wrong, because who are we to know what is. You may have a laugh or learn value in the process.

If whatever you experience doesn’t resonate with you, then use discernment. Move away from it or towards it. It’s not about you, yet it is. If there is resistance then maybe take a look within to see what is calling out to be seen. If you resonate with it, smile inside and know that it is good!

Thank you for dropping by.

Frank Dee

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