Indian Head Massage (I.H.M.) has been known for over 7,000 years. The massage is documented in India’s sacred holy texts, called the Veda’s. I.H.M is a part of Ayurveda’s healing system and is an important aspect of India’s rich culture. Until just recently, it’s making its way to the Western world. I.H.M provides instant relief from stress, and also helps stimulate the body to heal itself. This modality is based on prevention and works with an individual’s “dis-ease” before it settles in the body. Western medicine often doesn’t take into account that we are an energetic body first and foremost; before we become the physical. In most cases, the spiritual body is not even considered. All aspects have to be addressed as a totality: the mind, physical body, and the energy body. The Allopathic approach often treats the symptom and not the cause. Energy medicine is not considered a quick fix and sometimes, symptoms may worsen before they get better. This may be the reason why this method is not generally sought after in the Western world. However, this is changing rapidly.

I believe that disease happens in the energetic body well before it manifests into the physical. If the “cause” is not treated in the ethereal body first, then true healing doesn’t necessarily take place. This is often why—in many cases—individuals in remission often experience a reoccurrence of their condition. The same harmful thoughts and emotions which have created the condition remain the same. These may include: worry, stress, limiting beliefs and so forth.
I.H.M is performed on: an individuals upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, as well as the head, face and ears. Unlike traditional massage where one lays on a table or bed; I.H.M is performed seated—in a chair. Most sessions last 60 minutes; although, it can be tailored to a shorter time frame.When the massage is complete, many clients report feeling as if they just received a full-body massage. I.H.M is said to balance every system in the body. It works on: the subtle energy matrix (the prana or life-force), balances the chakras, the nadi (prana vessels), and finally, the marma points—these are the junctions of the nadi.

Marma points can be compared to the points of the Chinese system of acupuncture.
Stimulating these areas and pathways signal the body to produce exactly what it needs: including hormones and neuro-chemicals that promote healing to the whole system. On this level; deep healing occurs. Prana is the current of energy that sustains all life and infuses every cell within the body. Stimulating the marmani (energy points) directly taps into this reservoir of energy and releases stagnant energy promoting health and vitality.