Farewell 2014?

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What is time beyond “now” moments layered upon each other infused into one great energetic and pulsating signature? One moment in time spiraling upward and downward instead of vertical, measurable?
What if time is an illusion and that everything is happening all right now?

This year has been a challenge, very heavy. It hasn’t defined me, nor am I writing it for self-pity. I just want to share my story, (for it is only a story) with those of you having encountered hard times this year.
One of my mothers dying words to me was that she knew my life has been hard, and that I wasn’t happy for a long time. A tear rolled down her cheek as she said it, and then a smile when she said it will get better.

Losing her, and my salon, due to a new condo development along with many other personal challenges has forced me to reevaluate my life. 2014 has hardly been kind to me in my limited perspective and vantage point.

Suffering is only a result of holding on to the old and to what doesn’t serve you anymore. Still it isn’t easy letting go and trusting that everything will be okay.

To whoever is reading this, these may just be words to you- or they may resonate with you deep within. Whatever the case, we all have our own stuff to deal with, that not all will understand fully, it’s our bag.

I could declare that 2015 will be better and that it’ll be my best year, but do I or any of you really know what the year will bestow?

We usually harp on the past or see the future as some sort of salvation, but all we have is right now. We are all that we are- right now. We use time as an excuse and a distraction to face who we truly are. It’s time to take responsibility. No more blaming and no more excuses.

I can blame the stars, I can blame karma or just about any family member, relative or friend that I’ve ever known in my life. It’s on me, it’s always been on me. I am the source of my happiness, my love, my abundance… All of it

I am the source of my unhappiness as well, my pain, my anger, my fear and my unworthiness.

I invite you to feel the same within you. To see yourself as the source of all that you’ve become and all that you are in this very moment. You can be and have anything. Are there excuses (blame) or is there ownership?

Do you have a co dependent relationship with others, with an outside source such as mentors, religion or dare I even say it……. with God?

When Dorothy from the wizard of Oz realized that the answers are not out there but (in here) within, she clicked her ruby slippers and knew that it was inside her all along. We have a ruby heart inside us that has all the answers, wisdom and intelligence that we are seeking.

Everything that we’ve ever dreamed of and well beyond lays waiting to be awakened and experienced.

With all the media and fear that we are being bombarded with constantly, it’s no wonder that we don’t have the calm and happiness that we seek. I invite you to stop and take a breath, close your eyes and turn it all off. Start feeling and experiencing what’s inside.

It’s been a long time for some of you, distracted consciously or unconsciously by your smart phones, computers, TV’s, gossiping and blaming everything that makes every thing wrong in this world.

What if this holiday season we turn it all off…. Spend quality time with our dear friends and family and celebrate each other’s life together.

What if we stop looking to the future for a way out and a as reward for our suffering. Or stop looking back into the past for the story that we feel defines who we are,  good or bad?

What if right now, we are all that we want to be in this very
Moment….. Breathe it in… and exhale the happiness of it already being manifest right now.

Happy holidays
Frank Dee

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