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This is a topic that scares some people  to death,  and is considered  taboo for some. “Shh… don’t say it out loud, or that’s morbid.” It’s like a curse that will awake if you dare mention it.

Death can mean so many things.

It Ultimately means change…

What is the opposite of Death?

I truly believe that nothing really comes to an absolute end or dies. Even science confirms that energy doesn’t terminate, it just changes form. Since our biochemistry produces brain waves and energy we can assume beyond any religious dogma that we also change form at our psychical death as well.

The opposite of death is not Life.
Life is constant and continuous. Birth is the opposite of death, and is such in so many ways.  A new job, car, toys, clothes, new relationships, these are all new births, and new beginnings.

The  (death) is of the previous  (the old)  People and conditions that have stopped being constructive-to and for us, and that no longer have purpose or afford us further growth.

Death can be a good thing. The Death card in the Tarot deck doesn’t necessarily mean one will die,  it usually symbolizes change; out with the old and in with the new. This however can appear scarier than death itself to some people- to others, change can be exhilarating!

It’s when a family member, pet, friend or anyone that you’ve developed an emotional bond with dies, that is when it seems bad, wrong, and unjust.

The ego doesn’t want to admit or
believe in it’s own death…. It wants everything to last forever. We live in a world of duality, nothing lasts forever within the tides of conditions, the ebb and flow of Life.

When the ego is happy it wants to stay happy, and when it’s sad, it thinks it will never be happy again!

Imagine you siting in a room of people…. The egoistic self within you secretly believes that everyone in the room will die eventually….. expect itself, because  that only happens to other people. So you see death isn’t a popular subject, it is threatening. The truth is, that no one gets out of here alive.

When the “I” shall die, then I will know who am I.

When you can fully accept your own death (and the fear of it) is when you can truly Start living!!

When we are born, we cry and everyone smiles and laughs with joy. When we die, the opposite is true- we smile and everyone else cries. It’s a miracle when we are born, and it is a miracle when we die.

My mother has recently passed and she is the inspiration of this blog entry. I was blessed to have had time with her while she was in palliative care. It’s different when you can slowly grieve and get closure on the past and its conflicts. It’s very different to a sudden passing, traumatic or not, where the opportunity isn’t there for healing and forgiveness.

Guilt is usually the hardest thing to process when this happens, for there isn’t any time to mend fences.

So what am I getting at?
I have been blessed, and have also earned the experience of watching my mother take her last breath while holding her hand. It was a beautiful experience, full of warmth and joy. I had no regrets, guilt nor anger.

I invite you all to forgive and let go of the things, issues and unnecessary cords that you may have with anyone that is still alive. Let it all go and focus on the good things. You may not be as fortunate as I was to have had time for reconciliation. It’s better to have love an acceptance now than it is to feel guilt and not being able to forgive later.
Being able to forgive yourself, others or God.

We invest in comforts and in things that we believe will sustain us…. And in the process, we usually burn out and move closer to our grave.

Nothing lasts forever, all shall pass. The perceived good and the perceived bad. All that is dual is not everlasting.

It takes courage to let go and to forgive, and to accept death in all it’s forms. Live your Life Now, in all its fullness and splendor!!! Mind the small stuff because it’s All Small stuff in the end.

If you are not living….. You are

Thanks for allowing me to get to know you and to (live and let die.)
I love you mom.

Frank Dee

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