What is God?

What is God? Is It a He or a She? Is it a man in the sky? Do you cringe at the word when it is spoken; or, do you rejoice? Is God dead? Is the concept an outdated fairytale? Did we evolve from [...]

The Cycle of Seven

One time while on vacation, I was laying on a beach lounge chair which I placed halfway into the water. It was quite relaxing at first, then it wasn’t. Small waves would rhythmically rise and [...]

Book update

Hello, It has been awhile since I last posted a blog. As some of you know I’m writing my book. I work full-time, my commute is long and I don’t have much spare time to write. [...]

Tug of War

Tug of war There is a saying that says that your soul is ruthless in seeking its path back home, and that its needs override all the desires of your personality. What is it that you want… is it [...]

The Seed

Recently I revisited a forgotten passion, and it has left me exhilarated to say the least. Such a simple thing, and something that we take for granted, well at least that was the case for me. [...]

The River

I was with a good friend today who has traveled and lived in India for 6 years. He was telling me of the time he spent on the sacred mountain of Kailas(h) in Tibet. There is a river there called [...]

Letting Go

The world is changing and we are changing. The old ways of doing stuff isn’t working anymore. Look at our governments, our workforce, the financial sector, our society. Something is off and [...]


This blog is a close sibling to my recent one titled addiction, for they are in many ways the same- a cause and effect. Addiction is a co-dependence to a non earned dopamine rush while the [...]


Do you value truth and reality or the things that distract you from it? What are you addicted to? Why do we become addicted? Addiction is not a sign of weakness. No, it’s just that our [...]

Farewell 2014?

What is time beyond “now” moments layered upon each other infused into one great energetic and pulsating signature? One moment in time spiraling upward and downward instead of [...]

Are you a victim?

Is there a black cloud following you around?  Do you feel that when it rains, it pours, and just on you?  Does it feel like luck just isn’t on your side? How many times do you say FML?  Why [...]


If you are judging others harshly, how then are you judging yourself? Have you ever considered that maybe ‘You’ are your own judge and jury, and that it may not be something outside [...]


This is a topic that scares some people  to death,  and is considered  taboo for some. “Shh… don’t say it out loud, or that’s morbid.” It’s like a curse that [...]


What does a ‘Relationship’ mean to you?  What examples/models did you have to learn about it at a young age? Were you the little 3 year old girl planing your wedding to a perfect [...]


Is life predestined or do we have choice? Can we affect what happens to us, or are we just responding to a set fate? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. I myself believe that we all have some [...]

On ‘Loss’

How do we lose something?  We must claim ownership first yes? Do we really own anything? Our things, our cars, how about our homes? Did you know, that even if you “own your home” as [...]

A little bird

Today is July 9 2014. Something special happened to me today… perhaps it wasn’t that special; perhaps it was a day just like every other day that can reveal magic… if you are open to it.  I have [...]