Are you a victim?

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Is there a black cloud following you around?  Do you feel that when it rains, it pours, and just on you?  Does it feel like luck just isn’t on your side? How many times do you say FML?  Why me, with my luck, or this only happens to me?

Are you unhappy in your relationship, does your life suck, does work feel like a prison?  Do you feel unappreciated? Has your partner stopped communicating? Do they seem distant, always criticizing you or putting you down?

Do you feel that you’re not good enough, do you feel unloved or unworthy?

Maybe your parents did something to kill your spark inside, a family member, a friend, a teacher?  Maybe you were a really bad person in a past life, and that your karma is now due.  Whatever the case, you must have done something really bad or wrong to deserve this crap.  You probably feel guilty and ashamed, and the ‘guilty’ need to be punished….

So how have you decided to punish yourself?  Avoidance or escapism?  Over drinking and eating, smoking, promiscuity, drugs?  All these things are forms of self destruction.  Yes they feel good at first, and promise a release from the pain, shame, anger and guilt that you may feel.  However they quickly become excessive and codependent forms of self torture and self termination.

It doesn’t have to be these actions in particular, it could be any behavior.  We get really good at punishing ourselves, so good in fact that we let others do it to us as well.  Why not, after all we do deserve it right?

You give up your power and allow others to control you through your (insecurities) all for their approval! You’re handing them your key to your lock!

Do you believe that if you were a victim long enough and suffered enough, that you’d earn the right for salvation from an outside source?

************ I CALL BULLSHIT***********

Put down that violin and kick everyone out of your pity party! it’s over and it’s a lie, all of it!!!!

Nothing is real unless you agree to it! Whatever anyone tells you, or
labels you, is only a reality if you believe it.

Judgments and labels  are a means to control you, and to make you feel less than. It happens in all social and personal interactions where a power struggle evolves. (And that’s another blog)

You are either the bully or victim, both are the same really. Power is either given up or taken. Interesting that when we become the victim we start bullying ourselves by beating ourselves up.

Stop making yourself small just to fit in. Stop being a victim seeking pity…. You’re now being the bully looking to steal power with attention!

You’re not responsible for fixing anyone except yourself. Nor is anyone responsible for fixing you, (except for themselves.)

It’s on you and you can’t blame anyone. It’s an inside job. Own it!  Stop trying to fix yourself, you are not broken, you never were, you are a powerhouse. Start loving yourself and reclaim your power.

It’s time to send your victim on a one-way ticket -permanent vacation!  A going away party…not a pity party

I invite all of you to release all the excuses and all the blaming that has stopped you from fully Living  life. Its time to start taking responsibility for your own bliss. Face every fear (issues) head on, because hiding from them only gives then more teeth to bite you harder and deeper until you take notice.

You are a powerful Being, we all are….. Start shining and start loving yourself fully!!

Warmest Regards
Frank Dee

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