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Do you value truth and reality or the things that distract you from it?

What are you addicted to?
Why do we become addicted?
Addiction is not a sign of weakness. No, it’s just that our pleasure center has been hijacked. The pleasure that we feel displaces the pain that we avoid to face.
It is not only alcohol and drugs that we can become addicted to. It’s people, sex, gambling, social media and internet, porn, shopping  and food. Things like sugar, salt, carbohydrates (mmmm potato and corn chips.) Coffee, chocolate, candy, fast food and/or anything that has been engineered to give your taste buds an orgasm!
It’s interesting that sugar and cocaine both hijack your brain in the same way. Sugar is readily available, it’s everywhere and its present in virtually all the food that we eat.
Some addictions are so strong that you’ll allow them to destroy you without a fight.
Currently I am in the middle of a juice fast, I am  detoxing so I can feel first hand what if feels like going through withdrawal. My dominant cravings are coffee and solid food, not to mention a drink. The dizziness, inability to focus, aches and pains, mood swings and irritability, the weakness and forgetfulness are enough to force me back.
Why am I going through this self induced torture? Why can’t I just ween off instead of a total reboot? I fight that mental war many many times every hour.
This feels like a death, a loss, similar to wanting to call my recently passed mother, but I can’t. Breaking our conditioning is a rather arduous task and it takes diligence and courage to preserver. It seems foolish detoxing as I endure heavy symptoms when I can instead take a lighter and easier path. But Ah there is something about enduring and carrying the cross of discomfort…  It brings a profound awareness and healing.
Why did I choose to reboot?
Something wasn’t right, vodka was going down like water, straight no ice, my plate wasn’t ever  big enough, and the mornings came too soon! My snooze button was over used. I lost my breath by just climbing stairs, and struggled to even tie my shoes.
I was always tired, groggy, faded, the 6 cups of coffee daily didn’t work anymore and actually made me more tired. A double espresso before bed didn’t even stop the sandman. I was depressed and I started to become a loner. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I knew that if I didn’t change some things soon I wouldn’t be able to at all. I contacted a friend and a very gifted energy intuitive and had a session with her.
(I encourage you follow her blog)
She has helped me set some goals and to get back on track.
I really feel that people are prone to addiction(s) either by inherited traits or by when one feels alone and helpless.
Addiction starts when we become enslaved to the pleasure, (the  sudden release of dopamine- 10x more than a natural response) of whatever thing we are consuming.  We keep chasing the high, but the problem is that our brains adapt and release less dopamine and cut off more and more receptors. So, we need more and more of the substance with less pleasure each time. Our tolerance increases until only the memory of the first rush remains…..
I chose to reboot, (to detox from it all) I want to give my body a chance to repair and to wipe the slate clean. By introducing new food and experiences I will be able to tell what my body really wants naturally.
I’m in the infant stages of this process so i don’t know what is going to happen. However, my intent is to take back my power and eat and live as natural as possible. I tried it the other way and it didn’t work….. At all!
If you feel that you may be addicted in anyway or feel stuck where you are, there is a way out. Decide to make a change and go for it! It’s better than being bound to things that promise something good while only digging you down instead. We are bombarded with distractions from every angle and facet of our daily lives.
Is it really working? Are you really happy? Honestly….. Are you really happy? If you are great, if not……..
It’s time to unplug from the matrix and take the red pill.
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