A b o u t  Me

Frank Di Genova was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

He is an author, hairstylist, salon owner, and passionate musician who writes empowering songs from his soul. Frank is a master in both Usui Reiki and Sound Reiki ® healing. He is a certified Indian Head Massage practitioner, and has developed his own therapeutic massage modality. Frank is creative in the kitchen, good with his hands, and loves to engage others by using his humour and many impersonations. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge to help others awaken. His one wish is that we all find lasting peace within ourselves.

Frank has always been passionate and able to feel others emotions. Reluctantly, he joined his father in the family business. Hairstyling was never his thing. However, it was the perfect vehicle that allowed him to help others navigate through life’s challenges. Frank’s clients have always appreciated his attentiveness and extra care to their needs. He listens with compassion and without judgment.

There isn’t an ethnic impersonation he won’t try at least once. He likes to joke and keep things light. However, Frank knows when it’s time to get serious and understands that life is short. You can find him hanging around people that are creative and passionate. He resonates to those who seek the answers to life’s mysteries and questions.
Frank has explored many diverse modalities regarding health, self empowerment and spirituality. This led him on an arduous personal journey to discover his truth and purpose. He researched almost every religion and faith, yet found nothing that satiated his hunger for self realization. His pursuit continues, and with each level of his expanded awareness, he is open to share  it with those that seek it.

He has done hair for film, fashion and tv shows, and has appeared on radio. Acting had always been a dream of his, so was being a rock star. Music was, and still is a strong passion of his. Writing music, and now writing books has taken centre stage.

Frank wants to help as many people as he can through his music and his words. He has an array of diplomas hanging on his wall from spiritual courses—yet doesn’t pride himself on them. He says, “Accolades don’t mean anything if there isn’t love in one’s heart. How you treat people is what is important.”

Frank loves cooking and experiments in the kitchen as often as he can. His mother was a great cook. She always tried new dishes without using a recipe—the Italian way. There isn’t a home renovation that Frank hasn’t tried. He has done all types of flooring, plumbing, electrical wiring, drywalling, carpentry, and deck building. He believes that anyone who is good with their hands can do anything—it’s only a matter of knowing how. He recalls one time when he was doing a salon renovation in between clients. “You have to know when you are holding a hammer, a drill or scissors. Hand pressure is crucial, especially when doing a massage or a Reiki treatment right after bashing down a wall.